Trap 25 on start

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Re: Trap 25 on start

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As reported by Mathieu Westerweele this problem also took place.

I suggested to add

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prt = NIL
just after selecting current printer in Documents.StdDocument.SetView.

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		IF Printers.dir # NIL THEN prt := Printers.dir.Current() ELSE prt := NIL END;
		prt = NIL;   (*  <-----------  *) 
		IF prt # NIL THEN
This helped.

So eliminating printer from calculation of document size and margins is solving current issue for this case.
There should be more correct calculations for size and margins of document for this rare printer configuration.
However this is difficult to do without ability of reproducing this in my PC.
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Josef Templ
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Re: Trap 25 on start

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maybe using assertions in SetPage is too restrictive.
Falling back to a useful default may be the alternative.

In any case, I would like to know where the strange settings come from.
All we need for finding that out is a user that is willing to help us diagnose the problem.

- Josef
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