issue-#50 unlimited number of columns in SqlControls.Control

Should we merge the recent changes of topic branch issue-#50 to master?

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Ivan Denisov, cfbsoftware
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issue-#50 unlimited number of columns in SqlControls.Control

Postby Josef Templ » Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:23 am

After Helmut reported another unsolved bug in SqlControls that is related
with the introduction of an unlimited number of columns (issue-#50), a few adaptations
had to been done.

See the diffs at

I have tested the changes with a test program provided by a CPC 1.7 user who uses SqlControls
for displaying tables created by the SQLite subsystem and the bug doesn't show up any longer.

This voting is about merging those changes to master.

Gentlemen, please cast your votes.

- Josef
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