issue-#56 fixes in HostFiles

Should we merge the changes of topic branch issue-#56 to master?

Josef Templ, luowy, Ivan Denisov, Zinn, Robert, DGDanforth
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issue-#56 fixes in HostFiles

Postby Josef Templ » Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:00 pm

This voting is about merging the changes of topic branch issue-#56
(fixes in HostFiles) to master.
For the issue see
For the changes see

The changes are based on the proposal in CPC 1.7 rc5, which includes several sub-issues.
The sub-issues are grouped into separate commits.
A flag named ignoreAsk has been added in order to be able to remove the slightly modified
version of HostFiles in Script/Mod/HostFiles, which is needed for executing the build script automatically,
i.e. without any user intervention.

Gentlemen, please cast your vote.

- Josef
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