Words from the BlackBox Framework Chair

Words from the BlackBox Framework Chair

Postby Zinn » Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:00 am

Thank you to Josef. He has done an excellent job. I hope, I will do the same good job.
I will continue his work and my aim is to release the version 1.7 of BlackBox.

Here I won’t repeat all changes of BlackBox 1.7.
I prefer to say which topic we left out and leave them for 1.8:
- Which font can display most of the Unicode characters and symbols (e.g. special characters)
- The runtime bound check (e.g. SET)
- Single document interface (e.g. the use of multiple monitors)
Please let as discuss those kind of topics after the release of BlackBox 1.7.
A discussion now would delay the next release.

Thank you to everybody who voted.
And a word to our discussions.
Most improvements I (we) found by discussion with members who has an different opinion than I.

Most changes of BlackBox 1.7 are from the users of BlackBox and not from me.
I just put them all together.

The latest version is 1.7-RC6 (Build 48). You can download it from CPC via the link here
and its protocol
It is aligned to the Center blackbox-1.7-a1.205.zip from 20. 6. 2015 until issue-#62
Differences between Framework Center and CPC edition are open points for discussion.

Please help me (us) and don’t hesitate to tell us what you don’t like.
Of course you can write also what you like.
Any successions are welcome.
Without you there will be no improvements of BlackBox.

Best regards
- Helmut
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