Center Forum & the "BlackBox Center"

Center Forum & the "BlackBox Center"

Postby Robert » Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:50 pm

The discussion of these topics is, perhaps, a little lost in history. I thought it might be helpful to publish a simple description of the current situation.

The BlackBox Center is a small group (currently 9) who maintain and develop the BlackBox Framework comprising the language Component Pascal and a core set of libraries. They also maintain a set of development tools & infrastructure.
This group is described on the Wiki page "Center": ... tle=Center.
There is a little more information in the "Center Members Admin Guide": ... dmin_Guide.

The support infrastructure includes two Boards:

1) The "BlackBox Component Builder Forums" board ( is intended for any discussion by the BlackBox user community. The scope is not limited to facilities maintained by the Centre; there are topics covering non-Center & non-PC implementations of Component Pascal, and third party libraries. All members of the board have full posting rights. This board is also called the "Community board".

2) The "BlackBox Framework Center" board (this board - is intended specifically to support the maintenance of the Center (PC) version of BlackBox which includes a specific set of libraries. Only the Center group have posting rights to the Center board, although anyone may join the board to closely observe the development process.

Should a topic discussed by the Center have interest to a wider community (this is not generally the case, but can happen) a parallel topic on the Community board can be started, possibly with a link to the existing discussion. Suspected bugs should initially be reported on the Community board, and only when they are confirmed would the discussion of a potential fix be taken to the Center board.

The Center group is always keen to welcome new members. We are looking for people with skills and/or enthusiasm regarding the BlackBox project and supporting infrastructure.
The application process does not appear to be specifically documented, but we ask applicants to post a BlackBox Curriculum vitae: see viewforum.php?f=31.
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